Consultations & Health Checks

If your pet is unwell or needs a general checkup, we are here to help. Our experienced veterinarians will discuss your concerns and provide best care and advice.

Vaccinations & Preventative Care

Vaccinations are very important for the overall wellbeing of your pet. Young puppies and kittens are especially vulnerable, so it is vital you receive correct advice. We’ll also be able to discuss best treatment for worm, flea and tick control at the time of your visit.


Good dental health equals good health. Many pets unfortunately have undetected dental disease which negatively affects their health. We are able to diagnose dental disease and provide treatment, including scaling & polishing and tooth extractions.

Diagnostic Testing

We have access to a wide array of diagnostic tools to help aid in the diagnosis of your pet’s illness. This includes in-house blood and urine analysis, X-ray and ultrasound. In most cases we are able to receive results on the same day of your visit.

Anaesthesia & Surgery

We are a fully equipped veterinary hospital and provide anaesthesia and surgery to the highest standard. Our highly experienced surgeons are able to perform surgeries for simple to complex cases. Patients requiring advanced surgery are referred to local specialist surgeons with whom we have a very close relationship.

Cat Boarding

We have a dedicated cat boarding room for both short and long-term boarders. Our cat condos are very spacious, with multi-level platforms to allow for extra activity. Each enclosure has a separate toilet compartment for cats who prefer a bit of privacy. Please note all cats admitted for boarding must be up to date with their vaccination and flea treatment. We can provide these treatments on the day of admission if required.