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The Dundas Veterinary Hospital is open 7 days a week12 Station Street, Dundas NSW 2117 Phone: (02) 9638 7766

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Cat Grooming Services


Nail clipping
Nail clipping
Ear cleaning
Ear cleaning
Feet trimming
Feet trimming
Refreshing hydrobath
Refreshing hydrobath

Grooming by our experienced groomer Karen is strictly by appointment only.

Popular pet grooming options are:

  • Hydrobath - jets of warm water pulsed through the coat to get right through to the skin.
  • Summer cuts (all fur clipped off) - eg Persian, other long coated cats.
  • Style cuts - eg Poodle, Schnauzer, Bichon
  • Brush out - eg Rough collie, Golden Retriever
  • Just bath and nails - eg Foxie, Jack Russell
  • Trim short for Summer - Family pets.
  • Grooming days are Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday - subject to change.
  • Pick up and delivery can be arranged for an extra charge.
  • Special medicated shampoos, and flea treatment preparations can be selected.

And end up looking beautiful:

Beautifully groomed dog Groomed dog Groomed 3 Groomed cat

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