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The Dundas Veterinary Hospital is open 7 days a week12 Station Street, Dundas NSW 2117 Phone: (02) 9638 7766

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Cat Boarding Facilities at Dundas Veterinary Clinic

Boarding facilities for cats and dogs

Boarding is offered for small dogs and cats.

We offer day boarding or 'doggy day care' as well as longer periods of boarding. All boarded pets must have up to date vaccinations, verified by a Veterinarian- this is usually done by showing us your pets most recent vaccination certificate.

Cats are boarded in the top floor of the facility- with a great view of the park out of the window. The cattery is air conditioned, and the cats each have their own space.

Cat boarding facilities
cattery accommodation
Great places to go for walks
Great places to go for walks


Our boarding dogs are walked every day in the park, and can be groomed while staying with us.

Veterinarians are on duty even on public holidays, to check all our boaders are happy and comfortable.

Their bedding is laundered fresh daily, and strict attention is paid to flea control.

Do loving the exercise
Loving the exercise
Not time to go inside yet
Not time to go inside yet.


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